Angus Soutar


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Angus Soutar
has spent the last twenty years working in community-based regeneration, supporting small organsations working on local food growing, renewable energy and community resilience. Before that, he worked as an engineer and project manager in the energy and water treatment industries.

Angus studied permaculture with Andy Langford and, later, with Bill Mollison, and he has applied permaculture design to his work since he graduated from the permaculture design course in 1990. He has been teaching the design course since 1992, and has worked with many of the leading British permaculture teachers. He was awarded the diploma in permaculture design in 1997 by the Permaculture Academy (Britain). In 1999 he joined with the Academy to introduce a support system for students and diploma apprentices wishing to improve their design skills and work with other designers. This work continues to develop. Angus has helped to found the Permaculture Institute of North Britain to provide a firm and reliable base for design practitioners in that part of Europe, and has links with permaculture designers all over the world.

Angus at the North Britain Instituite
  Angus at the Worldwide Permaculture Network . Angus at the Chaordic Institute.
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